In co-creation with patients for innovation

People with disabilities are as talented as any other citizen. So, their potential is extremely valuable when it comes to making the health and care sector and new technological and social innovations fit for the future. Moreover, people with disabilities can and want to participate and be an equal member of our society.

However, equal participation in society is not always obvious. This can and must change. Mission III of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy for the Societal Theme Health & Care therefore states: By 2030, the proportion of people with a chronic disease or lifelong disability who can participate in society according to their wishes and capabilities is increased by 25%.

How do we see the Netherlands once this mission has been achieved? In an interview in Chapter 1, Roland Friele, director of NIVEL, and Madelon Kroneman, researcher at NIVEL having a chronic muscular disease, explain the future’s vision for mission III. Kroneman’s experiences in living with this disease can provide us with a unique perspective, from her role as a citizen and as a patient, and the impact of disabilities in daily life. Co-creation with people with all kinds of talents and experiences in research and innovation, preferably in their context, is most important for the success and adoption of innovative concepts, products and services.



From patients and citizens



However, this future will not come by itself. A strengthened directing role of citizens, also in their role as a patient, and cooperation between citizens, government, knowledge institutions and companies are necessary to allow everyone to participate as desired and as best they can. Many projects are already ongoing throughout the quadruple helix, as can be seen in Chapter 2. The Dutch company Treeway is making headway with a new medicine for people with ALS. Social care entrepreneurs in the start-up phase are also doing their bit, as is shown in an interview with Jos Wetzels.


The Collaborating Health Foundations (Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen; SGF) is making sure that people in their role as patient are getting more and more involved. The SGF is committed to disease-transcending topics and supports several research projects and strategic public-private partnerships, including ImmuneHealthXL. In Chapter 3, Director Mark Monsma explains this unique cross-fund collaboration and the benefit to patients.

Innovation, Knowledge, Research, Narratives and eHealth: with these keywords IKONE inspires, advises, educates, and facilitates healthcare organisations in sustainable collaboration with patients. This offers new perspectives and raises new questions: what is the demand for care or the need? We will only achieve mission III if we work together on these questions, with innovators, professionals and, most importantly, experience experts, preferably in their context. 


New perspectives

Through collaboration with patients

Although we still have a long way to go, the road to the future has already begun. Get inspired by the new Health~Holland update, join the conversation and participate: whatever your role is, your vision counts!

Anne-Miek Vroom, director of IKONE and Theme Team member of Top Sector LSH