15 years of LifeSciences@Work event

An impression of the day

15 years of LifeSciences@Work and the Venture Challenge were celebrated on June 27th at Pivot Park. There were multiple panel discussions, led by our amazing host for the day, Eline van Beest. Participants were able to ask all their entrepreneurial questions, which were answered by Venture Challenge alumni and Hans Schikan. After the plenary programme, participants had ample time to (re)connect with alumni and partners of the programme.

Leaders in Life Sciences

The day started with recording a special edition of the Leaders in Life Sciences Podcast. This episode that will be released shortly is about 'Future Leaders in Life Sciences' Marc van Moorsel and Eline van Beest. Both are Venture Challenge alumni and both are running an interesting company in the pharmaceutical field.

Opening words

The official programme started with opening words by Brigitte Drees, CEO of Pivot Park, followed by an interview with Chrétien Herben and Math Kohnen, founders and coaches in the Venture Challenge. Both received a certificate of achievement for their 15 years of service to the LifeSciences Community. The first panel discussion was with Hans Schikan, Daniel de Boer and Wietse Mulder, 

who talked about what it takes to be a LifeSciences entrepreneur. Mariette van der Velden and Rianne Ellenbroek talked about the role of investors and whether or not the entrepreneur needs to have previous experience. The last panel discussion was about the lessons learned during the Venture Challenge. Stefan Braam and Cinzia Silvestri, both Venture Challenge alumni, covered that topic.

Round Tables

After the panel discussions, Jeroen Heijs, replacing director Innovation and Knowledge with the Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate took the stage for a short speech, after which the round tables were introduced. The aim of the whole event was to celebrate, but also to meet old and new friends and to learn from others. That's where the round tables came in. All eight tables had their own subject, which created the perfect opportunity to start a conversation.


Thom Frielink won the Venture Challenge Quiz and took home a ticket for the upcoming Dutch LifeSciences Conference this fall. And last but not least, our new Advisory Board was introduced.

We look back on a fruitful event and hope to organise events like these moreoften!