Chapter 6 Human Capital

Growth and innovation cluster in regions where a skilled, agile and creative workforce is present. The competitive advantage of the cities and regions that create the best conditions for growth and development, is increasing. Human capital innovation means riding the wave of digitisation and embracing an organisational transformation of how external talent is directly sourced, engaged and integrated with internal teams and capabilities. It is a new human capital paradigm that goes far beyond tweaking traditional workforce sourcing and engagement approaches.

The change is a two-way street. Placing users – both patients and care givers – in the driver’s seat of innovation by involving them early in the co-creation process, ensures a smooth adaption of innovations. As the labour market is changing and evolving, people need to learn and develop new skills throughout their working lives to stay competitive. The concept of learning communities combines innovating, working and learning. In Fieldlabs and Skillslabs, in GROZzerdammen, a foundation is created for a new ecosystem for permanent education in these learning communities.


With the GROZ programme, social innovation is accelerated within Health˜Holland. GROZ is the anagram of the Dutch word for "care”, referring to the purpose of the programme. All partners of the Health˜Holland network contribute to the following pillars:

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