Chapter 3
Funding opportunities

Public-private partnerships

Researchers, health foundations and companies active in the Life Sciences & Health sector are continuously searching for suitable ways to fund their research and development (R&D). With the ongoing Match Call, Top Sector LSH aims to provide funding for public-private consortia and invites them to invest in R&D for the benefit of evidence-based innovation. By doing this, they will jointly help build a strong and sustainable LSH sector that contributes to the societal challenge “Health and Care”.

Unravelling the secrets of the PPP Allowance

The webinar will discuss the details of this funding opportunity. If you attend it, the PPP-Allowance of Top Sector LSH will no longer contain any secrets for you. You will learn whether the instrument is suitable for your specific R&D projects, what it entails for you and your consortium partners, what the requirements are, and how to submit a proposal.

Realising the Health & Care missions through
research and development

Despite the many challenges COVID-19 has brought public and private parties, the financial potential of the PPP Allowance stayed stable at more than €60M. Thanks to this, Top Sector LSH was able to invest in 68 projects in 2020 that aim to realise the Health & Care missions through large-scale research and development programmes. So far, this Match Call has funded over 500 projects since Top Sector LSH was founded in 2013. A significant increase in funded projects in the field of pharma and healthcare has been seen since 2019, with projects in the field of biotech and medtech still in the lead. Top Sector LSH has already (conditionally) allocated almost €60M in PPP Allowance in 2020.

A major part of the PPP Allowance was made available by Health~Holland directly to TNO, six UMCs and seven health foundations to stimulate public-private partnerships. The PPP Allowance was matched with investments by Dutch industry and from foreign private partners. Apart from investments by Dutch industry, foreign private partners and Dutch research organisations, we are pleased that Dutch SME companies are involved in more than 73% of the projects granted in 2020. In 2021, Dutch enterprises are allowed to fund a higher percentage of their project costs for fundamental and industrial research using the PPP Allowance. On top of that, non-profit enterprises may also contribute to the minimal matching of the enterprises.

Dutch SME companies

involved in more than 73% of the projects granted in 2020

Apply now for the PPP Allowance 2021

We invite research organisations, health foundations and companies (startups, SMEs and large companies) to apply for PPP Allowance. The projects must contribute to one or more missions within the societal theme “Health & Care” as outlined in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023. Furthermore, the projects must have a clear connection to the key enabling technologies and methodologies. In 2021, the application deadline is 6 October at 17:00 hours CE(S)T.

More information?
Please download the TKI-LSH Match Call description here and read more about the Match Call and the requirements for PPP Allowance applications. Feel free to contact the office (via to get more information or assistance in the application process. In addition, on 8 and 15 September 2021, consortiums will have the opportunity to pose specific questions to the Health~Holland Match Call team in a personal question and answer session. These appointments can be requested by sending an email to Please include “Request Match Call application advice” in the subject line.

Thematic calls

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Top Sector acted quickly in setting up a COVID-19 call. More than 20 projects were granted PPP Allowance to start their research to help stop the spreading of COVID-19 and to help diminish the burden for society. This year you can apply for a various number of thematic calls, i.e. in the field of Citizen Science, Human Capital and eHealth. Furthermore, Dutch innovative entrepreneurs and researchers can apply for funding from the new Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, worth a total of 95.5 billion euros. In parallel with this European programme, the Dutch cabinet has launched the National Growth Fund, stimulating "pioneering projects" that directly or indirectly ensure economic growth and prosperity in the longer term.